Ramadan Kareem To All Muslims – 10 Things Muslims Should Avoid During Ramadan Fasting

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Ramadan the ninth month of Islam, is here and Muslims across the globe are enjoined to adhere to the rules that guide fasting in the glorious month.

Scholars have opined that there are some acts that must be avoided in the holy month. While Islam preaches that every Muslim must abstain from these acts in their everyday life, total abstinence is more pronounced in the holy month because engaging in any of them might invalidate one’s fasting.

Here are 10 things that must be avoided in the month of Ramadan if you want Allah to accept your Fasting. They are very very important.

1. Control Your Look/ What You See

Purity of the mind and soul is encouraged in the holy month; hence, Muslims are advised to watch how they look at the opposite sex during Ramadan.

Looking at the opposite sex without caution could pollute the mind.

2. Do Not Smoke

Smoking is highly prohibited during Ramadan. The act is a subject of controversial debates in Islam, with some scholars suggesting that it should be avoided totally in everyday life.

It is however not accepted in whatever form during fasting.

3. Avoid Alcohol, Wild Parties

Alcoholic drinks are highly forbidden in Islam. During Ramadan, it is pointless saying that it is not accepted because it’s not even acceptable at all.

So as a Muslim who drinks alcohol, it must be stated that it is totally prohibited in the month of Ramadan. Don’t go near it or even taste it at all.

4. Avoid Eating Too Much
Fasting makes Muslims feels the pain of hunger so they can know how the needy feels. Most times, the urge to eat much food to make up for the long hours of fasting pushes people into eating excessively when they break.

This is totally wrong and Muslims should avoid this.

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