Conversation Between A Girl and her boyfriend Because of the Money She Borrowed Him

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Conversation Between A Girl and her boyfriend Because of the Money She Borrowed Him

See the conversation between a girl and her boyfriend out the money (200,000) she lent his boyfriend

Baby you awake? Via the girl. Yh… I am

What’s the problem ..via the guy

The Girl: I’m offended.I don’t know why you keep lying to me

The Guy: what didI do?

The girl: What did you do with the 200k I lent you last week.

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The guy: I told you l needed it to invest in my business.

The girl: You’re still lying

The guy: Ok I’m sorry I sent it to my family For up keep

The girl: David why did you do that? it’s your duty to make money to send to your family not mine.I don’t appreciate you using my hard earned money for other things other than what you told me.You do know you’re not working so now you’ve dashed the money do you intend to pay me back.

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The guy: but told you that I need time But I don’t get something about you.Why do you always ask for payback for cash you give me.If it were the other way around I can assure it won’t be the same case.

The girl; Look, I don’t play with my money babe I don’t mix emotion and money, it’s foolishness.

The guy; You make me feel so inadequate because I can’t provide for myself.

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The girl; Then get a job dear, that’s the only solution.

The guy; What kind of girlfriend are you, you’re irrational when the issue of money comes up.

You’ve lent me money 5 times and forced me to pay back at a due date.

The girl; What kind of relationship is this? Have I asked you for money before? No, I believe that asking a man for money makes me inadequate, dependent.That’s why men like you hold girls in a trap and keep them in toxic relationships

The guy; Why do I feel I’m being punished in this relationship.

The girl; lol you’re not dear, your manly ego is just uncomfortable because you’re not in charge in this relationship.

The guy; I thought a relationship is meant to be a mutual thing does it matter who’s in “charge”

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The girl; it doesn’t but you men have made me feel that way.So until you start working and start earning I’m in charge baby.

The guy; This is toxic

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