Davaece Biography


Davaece Biography

Destiny Elekima Daerego (born 23 July 2003), known professionally as DAVAECE, is a Nigerian youtuber and an entrepreneur.

Davaece is currently studying in Yogaz Bozak University, Instabul Turkey. Davaece love making people happy at his early stage, he develop interest in becoming a YouTuber making waves on social medias and internet as a whole.

Davaece Hails from Porthacourt, River State Nigeria and he is the first of the four children of the family. Davaece is single and have developed strong passion for entertainment through which he had been ranked the youngest youtuber and talented social media influencer on several social media platforms. 

Check him out on his social media handles👇👇 Instagram: www.instagram.com/davaece Facebook: www.facebook.com/Davaece-107435054877866 Tiktok: www.vm.tiktok.com/ZMev3bGqk

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