Maggy Bam ft. Mary Bam / Ify Bam / Awomec Choir – Psalm 136 (Prod. AY_Mixx)

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Maggy Bam ft. Mary Bam Ify Bam Awomec Choir – Psalm 136 Prod. AY Mixx

The song features her siblings, Ministers Mary Bam and Ify Bam alongside AWOMEC Choir.

Pastor Maggy Bam has contributed to the Nigerian Gospel music industry in several ways and deserves to be celebrated as she adds another year today to her years!

Happy birthday Chief Ambassador Maggy Bam! May God bless you more.

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VS1: Oh give thanks, unto the Lord, for He is good, His Mercy, endureth, forever.

VS2: Oh give thanks, unto the God of gods, oh give thanks to the Lord of lords, for He is good, His mercy yeah, His Mercy is forever.

VS3: To Him alone doeth great wonders, to him that by wisdom, made heavens, to Him that stretched out the earth above the waters, His Love is, forever.

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VS4: To him that made great lights, the sun to rule by day, the moon and stars to rule by night, and with an outstretched arm, He brought us out from bondage, His Love is forever.

VS5: He divided the red sea, and gave us Victory, and even blessed our lives, so why not give Him thanks, Oh give thanks to the Lord for He’s good, His Mercy endures forever.

CH: Your Mercy endures forever (2x), oh Lord, Most High, Your Mercy endures forever. (modulate three times)
VAMP1: Your Mercy endures forever (3x).
VAMP2: Forever (2x).
VAMP3: koro enye ofonde, koro ima esie odude ke nsinsi (2X). (ALL Echo same).
END: Oh give thanks, for He is good to me, to you, to everybody, to Africa, His love is:
ALL: Forever.

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