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erection relationship sex life 727x437 1024x576 1

Contraceptives can be classified into four major groups of barriers, hormones, surgery and natural family plans. Four ways to use the most commonly used worldwide, barriers, hormones. But the condom is still the most popular. Therefore, this becomes the only contraception that maintains pregnancy prevention functionality so far. It says it has a 99% efficiency.

Most people seem to know the condoms are what they are using. There are still big misunderstandings and suppressors. Condoms are not for missionaries, but a friend for good people. that’s right? In addition to all prejudices and misunderstandings about condoms, there are many ways to know the whole process, not all those who use it, but you can see how to do it properly.

The simplicity and effects of this device are the most popular and most widely used world individuals. Unfortunately, many people, including gender time, often get a mistake while they are using them. According to the research conducted by Indiana, 50 researches for the use of condoms have been shown, and many condom users have found many errors that many people use condoms to track errors.

I summarized some of the following survey results. * Many people do not decide to use a complete condom. In most cases, you will be done to apply condoms and begin runing.

This is easy if you want to protect yourself in STD. According to research, 17% to 51.1% is sin of this error. * Many people know that the rubber end is collecting 269 at the end of the program. In this list, about 24.3 to 45.7 are guilty.

  • About 48.1% of women, 41.6% of men do not forget to squeeze the air at the end of the condom. * Do not perform this task if you are pregnant and STD to prevent STD. For 4% to 30.4% study, they reported that they started rolling condoms inside.

By recognizing the wrong side, they continue to use it through it. This means that if the partner has STD, the condom has chosen and may have contact with other partners.

  • It is important to consider seriously safe when hormones start anger and find safety when exploring the passion of passion. This study shows about 82.7% of women and 74.5% of men do not confirm the status of condoms. While wearing a condom, open an eye on a damaged expiration, expiration, or an incomplete package. 
  • Even if you open a condom with a sharp object to damage the condom, you can even compromise the condom even with teeth and nails. People from 2.1% to 11.2% are recognized to open condom packages with sharp objects in research.
    • Yuseous lubricants are generally not the best choice of sex when using latex condoms. It can weaken rubber and break it. Women about 3.2% and 4.7% of men are reported to use condoms with lubricant lubricants. Oil-based lubricants do not mean bus roads, children’s oil or lotion.
  • Protection is not for a penis, not to prevent cum contact with women. About 11.2% of women and 8.8% of men were enrolled. In particular, if the partner is desperate or fraud, it usually happens for reasons of reasons. 
  • There are many people who want to fill the piston as a behavioral valve. However, this amusement can not be recommended if condoms are used when the penis is reduced and condoms are used. About 31% of human and 27% of women were recognized in research after relationship, and could not withdraw money immediately after the situation.
    • Condoms should be properly stored in direct sunlight and pillars, maintaining optimal conditions for direct sunlight and heat, and to avoid latex degradation. At 3.3%, 9.1% of 19.1% of people admitted to save condoms to nonconforming conditions for packaging. It is best to purchase the need to use the facility. Still in the closet of drawers and clothes.

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