“Is This One Normal At all ?? – Reactions Stirs As Tattoo model flaunts two tongues after getting most painful procedure (Video)

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inshot 20220406 2011563966922931259303766531 768x416

Amber Luke, a tattoo model and OnlyFans star, flaunted the effects of her horrifically painful tongue-splitting body alteration, Musicmobiltv.com report.

One of her most painful treatments was revealed by a body modification devotee.

Amber Luke has many piercings and has 99 percent of her body covered with tattoos.

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She’s had holes pierced in her extended ears and had her eyelids tattooed, risking blindness.

The Australian model, however, had the most difficulty with tongue-splitting operation.

The gruesome surgery entails using a knife to cut the tongue into a fork, and the organ must be pulled apart on a regular basis to keep it from closing up again.

Amber’s recuperation from her first surgery was somewhat painless, but it was agonizing when she had to undergo another.

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